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A refusal to compromise on quality, efficacy, and safety underscores the science behind every THREE proactive wellness product. Never settle for anything less!

A dynamic platform for entrepreneurship. Helping to guide and support people to feel their best through intentional health and wellness.

Greater purpose through our caring community. A focus on improving quality of life and helping you be the best you can be everyday.

When you are proactive about your health, you feel happier, you feel like you can take on the world, and you feel more positive. You and your body deserve nothing less!



Helping others live a life of health and purpose.

* All THREE products are listed in the PDR and are 3rd party tested.

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Welcome to our page!

Welcome to the world of the Hales! David and Rachel. Over the past 19 years, we have focused our time and energy on raising our beautiful special needs daughter, Lillian. We were in our thirties and building a life together when we were rocked with the greatest blessing and challenge imaginable, in the form of a baby girl who beat the odds and inspires us every day to reject our own limits. As we learned to care for her, we had to

grow and heal too. She is a medical miracle and has brightened so many lives over the years. Very early on, Lillian’s doctors didn’t expect her to make it through the night. Well

guess what, Lillian wasn’t ready to go and has been proving those doctors wrong ever since!

Because of the myriad of complications and challenges over the years, Rachel has not been able to work a “normal” job. Since being introduced to Three, she can make her own schedule and control just how much time she can spend working while still keeping up with Lillian. Her drive to help others get these amazing proactive wellness products has really made a difference as she herself is a testimonial for the effectiveness of

them. Rachel has dealt with intestinal and gut issues for the last 30 years and had been to numerous GI doctors but none of them could help her. Since starting the Three products, her body is healthier and she feels amazing and she is not controlled by her

unpredictable gut. It hasn’t been an easy road but it has made us the people we are today.

All of us deserve a chance to make our best choices every day –which is only possible when we feel good and know we are keeping promises to ourselves.


Let us help you feel your best!

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Get to Know Us

Three is a movement that is changing lives around the world by delivering greater health to PEOPLE, a dynamic PLATFORM for entrepreneurship, and greater PURPOSE through our caring community.

Get to Know Us

Three exists to help people redefine what’s possible. We work tirelessly to empower lives of purpose, activate people’s potential, and create more significant lives. We rededicate ourselves every day to inspiring a world of greater health, greater wellness, and greater hope.



Get to Know Us

A refusal to compromise on quality, efficacy, and safety underscores the science behind every Three proactive wellness product. Utterly unique in the industry, our proven cellular absorption technology ensures maximum bioavailability and maximum results.


Our goal for this research institution is to explore methods for growing and exploring medicinal plants to examine and utilize the phytonutrients and bioavailability of health promoting molecules and nutrients within. The intent is to then create new products and improve current THREE products. Those findings will then be made public with the hope that we can make an impact in the way plants and vegetation can be used to improve health and quality of life worldwide.


Our highly bioavailable products are uniquely formulated to deliver maximum nutrition for maximum benefits.

Our highly bioavailable products are uniquely formulated to deliver maximum nutrition for maximum benefits. When it comes to your wellness, only the best will do. Three has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular technology, ensuring that our products are effective, and unbeatably bioavailable. Our unique approach to absorption, curation, and exploration guides and directs every formula we develop and every product we deliver.



We discover and deliver the world’s most unique and effective phytonutrients. Three brings together the right people, products, and ingredients to create life-changing health solutions. Our advanced Cellular Absorption Technologies deliver nutrients deep into the cell for maximum wellness and bioavailability.

Megan Withers

"I added Revive most recently because I deal with hip pain on and off and was looking for something to help fight the inflammation from that. I have noticed a BIG decrease in my hip pain but also the added benefit of headache relief! Overall, I really like my iii supplements and can feel the difference they are making for me."

Helen Heselius

"I tried supplements in the past and didn’t notice a difference and eventually stopped.  When Rachel first talked to me about the product, I was game to try it but I didn’t expect much.  Wow was I wrong!  Within days, there was a noticeable difference in my energy level.  I no longer have the afternoon slump and I’m not dead tired by 8:00pm.   I have even made it out past 11:00pm!  Love this stuff and highly recommend." 

Michelle Love

“I’m really enjoying the Vitalite! Definitely noticing a difference. I’ve been walking every day for an hour. Sleeping better as well and my stomach issues have gotten SO much better! So thankful!”
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